By Emre Tekisalp, Interim CEO

tl;dr — After incubating the Mina Protocol, O(1) Labs updates its vision to enable a bold new future on Mina: building a trustless and private internet for everyone. O(1) Labs also announces its plans to become an employee-governed company as it changes its governance and board structure to be managed entirely by employees. These changes relate to the recent leadership changes in O(1) Labs and the Mina Foundation, as announced here.

Zero knowledge proofs (ZKPs) are transformational. What started off as a fringe area of cryptography in 1985, has found its spotlight thanks to blockchains…

Dear Mina community,

Today I am immensely proud to join you in celebrating the mainnet launch of Mina — the world’s lightest blockchain. This has been the most exciting and humbling day of my career to date, and it’s been an honor to lead the incubation period of a blockchain with the potential to transform the future of distributed ledger technology.

When Izaak and I founded O(1) Labs back in 2017, our vision was to use cryptography to build systems that put people in control of their digital lives. Much of today’s interactions with computers are not on our own…

O(1) Labs is excited to share its official policy relating to delegation of its MINA tokens. Mina block producers who would like to be considered for O(1) Labs’ delegation starting from the first re-delegation period of Mina’s mainnet should apply by completing this form.

O(1) Labs has actively consulted with the Mina Foundation and has decided to mirror the terms of the Mina Foundation’s delegation policy. As stated in the policy, the board of O(1) Labs reserves the right to grant waivers or variances to any of the requirements set forth in the policy in its sole discretion.

Readers interested…

O(1) Labs

We’re a software development company & leader in verifiable computation. Currently incubating Mina, the world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants.

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